In the summer of 2010 the founder and sole owner of Torino’s Entertainment Group, Gene Roumell, had an idea to add a much-needed option to Midland, Texas’ limited nightlife variety. That summer, sitting on the back patio of a friend, he bounced a few ideas off a group that met regularly to have a couple cold beers and play some cards. The owner of the home, Kelly Tucker, had a few more questions than most about that idea. Fast forward a couple months, an agreement was struck, hands shook, and the concept of Torino’s Pizza Bar was born.

Torino’s Pizza Bar opened it’s doors on May 18th, 2011. Following quickly in it’s footsteps was the Upper Deck, a shortly lived venture located above Torino’s Pizza Bar. Later, in the summer of 2012, came a second location called Redneck’s Drafthouse & Billiards located on the corner of Midland Dr. and Neely Ave. By the end of 2012, Mr. Tucker had decided his life needed to go in a different direction and sold his half of both Torino’s Pizza Bar and Redneck’s Drafthouse & Billiards back to Gene, and left the company to pursue other successful ventures. By May of 2013, the demolition and remodel of the old Upperdeck was completed, and The Boardroom opened it’s doors to the public directly above Torino’s Pizza Bar.

Fast forward about a year and a bar directly across the parking lot from Torino’s Pizza Bar, called Woofer’s and Tweeter’s, became available for sale. After a few months of negotiating a deal was struck with the owners, and in August of 2014 Rockstar Karaoke, INC. was born. Also acquired at this time was 4,000 sq/ft of office space which is now the present location of the home offices of Torino’s Entertainment Group. Early in 2016, the bar above Rockstar Karaoke was remodeled into Redneck’s Drafthouse, with the old location shut down due to a property owner change and their desire to go in a different direction with the shopping center.  Torino’s Entertainment Group has 4 different venues in 2 locations to choose from.  We hope that you’ll enjoy your experience in all our venues, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

–Torino Himself, Gene Roumell

Aiming to be Midland’s center for nightlife diversity

All conveniently located

Whether you’re looking to get your grub on with Midland’s best pizza and watch the big game, or want to hang out on an outdoor rooftop patio over a glass of wine, or maybe sing your heart out with some karaoke, or shoot a game of pool with a pint of draft beer, or show your moves on the dance floor; Torino’s Entertainment Group offers a little something for everyone.

All four of the group’s venues are conveniently located in the San Miguel Shopping Center, located at the corner of Midkiff Rd. and Wadley Ave.  Consisting of 2 physical locations, each location has a bar upstairs and a completely different bar downstairs.  Within the same shopping center you have the option of 4 entirely original, completely different venues to choose from, all a very short walk across the parking lot from each other!


Since 2011, Torino’s has been providing Midland with the premier place to grub on West Texas’ best pizza and wings, down a cold one, and catch whatever game is on. From football to MMA, Torino’s has it all.

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Although it’s the smallest venue in the group, the Boardroom has Midland’s ONLY rooftop patio outside of downtown!  Conveniently located above Torino’s Pizza Bar, the Boardroom serves hand crafted cocktails, high end spirits, and a well rounded selection of wines, so it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day at the office.

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Formerly known as Woofer’s & Tweeter’s, Rockstar Karaoke is continuing the long standing tradition of providing Midland with it’s finest karaoke bar. After a complete remodel, Rockstar now serves as the nicest place in West Texas to “get your American Idol” on!

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WE’VE MOVED MIDLAND, TX! Formerly located at the corner of Midland Dr. and Neely Ave., we’ve moved to our new location above Rockstar Karaoke, at 3303 N. Midkiff Rd. Ste. 260. Now we’re one of 4 different venues operated by the Torino’s Entertainment Group, all located in San Miguel Square shopping center, at the corner of Midkiff & Wadley.

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